Vinted Engineering Academy is back and better than ever

The biggest challenge starting out in today’s job market is getting your foot in the door when you have limited experience. To help more people gain valuable ‘first job’ experience, we’re inviting future tech talents to apply for the Vinted Engineering Academy and kick-start their careers.

This entry program was created to support a diverse set of people through the first leg of their career journey at Vinted. Successful candidates will begin their engineering careers in one of our amazing teams, and will have the opportunity to explore and learn about our technologies, and sharpen their professional skills with structured learning.

The best thing: those accepted into the Academy will be offered a permanent full-time contract, with the starting salary of a junior engineer (€2,233 gross), plus all the usual perks of working at Vinted such as share options, generous learning budget, 25 days of holiday, home office support and many more.

We recruit people into the Vinted Engineering Academy through two intakes (spring and autumn). We’re aiming to invite 30 future tech talents to join us for the first intake this spring.

What can you expect from the Vinted Engineering Academy?

The main part of the program consists of an intense 2-month technical induction to get the participants up to speed with all things Vinted tech. It’ll include hands-on training sessions led by our own engineers, who’ll act as internal mentors. The induction period will cover a wide range of topics related to specific areas - beginning with best practices with git and ending with how Kubernetes works at Vinted.

This challenging and engaging program will provide participants with a solid foundation, giving them everything they need to hit the ground running in their future teams. After the two-month induction, participants will join their full-time teams and continue their career development there, with various workshops and sessions to hone their soft skills along the way. But of course, at Vinted we don’t forget the fun part too - you can expect extracurricular activities as well.

During the course of the Vinted Engineering Academy, participants will learn the specifics of Vinted Backend, iOS, Web, Site Reliability, Data, Security and Quality Assurance engineering - how each of those work on a large scale and how they enable us to serve tens of millions of users. They’ll engage with best coding practices, have their code reviewed and review others’ code, and learn what it means to build a truly global product.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

The Vinted Engineering Academy is not somewhere where you’ll learn the basics – we’re looking for candidates with at least some academic, personal or professionally gained background knowledge and skills.

We’ll be nurturing our future tech talent here; from iOS, Web and Backend Developers to Security Engineers, our Academy is a blend of students, recent graduates and self-taught people. Essentially, we’re looking for individuals with some coding skills and a passion for all things engineering; people who are at the start of their careers in this field, and want to learn more. If you code in your free time and live and breathe engineering, this is right up your street.

For the first intake, we’re looking for talents interested in the Backend, iOS, Web, Quality Assurance, Site Reliability, Security and Data Engineering areas.

Active university students are also welcome – we’ll accommodate your schedule as best as possible, but we do expect you to dedicate at least 32 hours per week to the Academy.

How to apply

For more information and to apply, check out this job ad. You’ll go through several key stages in the selection process. After submitting all the necessary info via the job ad, selected candidates will be required to take a customised Vinted Value Assessment which was developed by psychologists to determine if your values align with the Vinted ways of working. After that, applicants will be asked to submit a technical homework assignment to determine their current level of knowledge. The last stage is an interview.

The applications will be open until 12th of March. Those accepted into the spring intake will join the Academy in May.